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    Luz Perez img 4

    I love eating there. The food was delicious but the only thing that I didn't like. The show that they had there there were some people like killing a raccoon or something like that it was a little bit disturbing. Cuz they were taking the blood out of the raccoon oh I don't know what kind of animal was that but it was very disturbing cuz that raccoon was alive. Now I ordered to go in at the dine in.

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    Finally Thanaporn img 3

    Noodle soup was good. Egg roll was tasty but combination fried rice was too dry. Servers were very friendly.

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    Randy Robertson img 3

    Noodles came out over done and breaking up ask for replacement noodles and was charged. I explained to the wait staff that I ordered the extra noodles because the first one were breaking up and she said ok and charged me anyway. Broth was not clear but tasted good.

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    Salvatore Figueroa img 5

    6+⭐ I Will Begin By Stating Im a 12 Year Combat Marine Veteran and Current Local Law Enforcement Officer. I Strongly Believe In Free Will And Respect Others Opinion Here. Therefore; I Can Express My Most Sincere Appreciation and Gratitude To Brandon, For His Hard Work, Dedication and Extreme Effort To Do Such An Amazing Job In All His Menus. I Been In Over 28 Nations, And So Far I Love Pho Has By Far The Best Vietnamese Food Back In The States Away From Such Beautiful Island. Not Once Have I Ever Been Disappointed. I Have Order, Dine In And To Go Over 12 Times In Less Than 30 Days. I Absolutely Love This Location Food. From Texture, Taste, Freshness, Flavor Just Mind Boggling How They Manage To Have a Fresh Made Taste Every Time. Been There In The Morning, Afternoon And Today Approximately at 2200 Hours Before They Close. Once Again a Great Experience With My Wife. We Dealt With Jesus Also a Great Spirit, Great Attitude and Extremely Adequate and Respectful Young Man. I Have No Doubt This Location Is Well Established, Well Respected And Has Been Under Rated In Many Ways, As a Combat Marine Veteran Im Proud To Have Come Home And Have Such a Humbled And Honorable Experience To Received Such Great Treatment As To My Wife As Well. May This Business Be Blessed And Be Kept Above All Safe and Growing. It Has Become My Number One Location For Various Choices In Their Menu But No Doubt For How Clean and Such Great And Adequate Experience And Top Notch Customer Service. May They All Be Bless For Many Future Generations.

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    Aaron Vry img 5

    This is one of my favorite places. The chicken wings are incredible. I love to order pho #29 and put the chicken wings in the pho. The garlic flavor from the wings adds a depth of flavor to the pho broth. Staff is always friendly. I probably go here once a month.