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    Anthony Scott img 4

    Have been wanting to go to whatever's Wahlburgers for a long time. The food was pretty descent. The burger was good but not the best I ever had. It was not cooked correctly the first time and they had to fix it. The sweet potato tots had really good flavor but weren't very crispy. We also had a salad and the chicken was delicious and the salad was very fresh. All in all, a descent meal

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    Derrick Grant img 5

    Wahlburgers is an amazing burger restaurant. I am quite picky when ordering burgers. It’s hard to find a restaurant to cook a burger the exact way I like; Wahlburgers definitely succeeded. My cheeseburger was cooked perfectly and had amazing flavor. I ordered a side of onion rings, which were very unique. They were not traditional onion rings, they were cross between onion rings and onion straws. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the onion rings due to their appearance, but the onion ring flavor were delicious and I could not stop eating them. I ordered the restaurants special margarita, and the margarita was amazing. I ordered food from the bar, and restaurant bar staff were incredible. If you enjoy a good burger, this is a great restaurant to e experience. I will definitely dine at Wahlburgers again.

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    Alicia J img 4

    Ordered the Wahlscow Mule with orange, super refreshing and delicious. Loved the drink. I ordered the crispy chicken ranch sandwich with tots. The bun could use some work, chicken wasn't very flavorful. Also ordered the bacon cheeseburger, it was good, bacon was crispy. Overall presentation was nice. Tots were nice and crispy, so we're the fries. Decent place to try, not sure I would go out of my way to eat here.

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    Jason Wann img 5

    My wife wanted to stop in and try this out. The burgers are good. We also tried the cinnamon sugar sweet potato bites. It was a a bit weird finding parking so we could get here but ended up walking about a 1/4 mile. Over all it is nice and the food is good. Our waitress was nice and the staff was friendly.

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    Sara Bella img 5

    Our meal was delicious! Our burger was juicy and tasty. The onion rings are thin homemade. Best I have ever have. Had multiple drinks that where amazing. Prices are reasonable.