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Fuku Burger Chinatown



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    Peanut Pupper img 5

    One of the Best burger places for sure!!! I’m not a burger person but I really enjoyed it. Very juicy and flavorful! We only had original fuku burgers Clean table and seats Great service Casual atmosphere It’s a little bit far from downtown though. Will definitely come back ????

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    Paul Kim img 5

    This is the best burger restaurant I've ever had in my entire life because it has more features than most iconic ones. The food was super good. For the burger, the meat was juicy and tender, and the vegetables were fresh and healthy. And, for the fries, its spices were very well-made, which impacted the flavor, and the inside of the potatoes was greatly soft as the outside was crunchy. Even the sauces were delicious as heck. But, not only those. The restaurant also had many outlets to plug with card and board games, including coloring books and crayons. Would highly recommend it to everyone since it's so lovely to visit.

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    Randi Radcliffe img 5

    This was our first time visiting Fuku Burger and we both really enjoyed it. The burgers were very juicy and had a ton of flavor. The environment was friendly and fun as well. The Jazz Fries were bomb too. We would recommend trying this place if you like something different.

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    Mailyn Arencibia (MayMay) img 5

    This place was amazing. Not only was the food super good and every bit juicy and filled with flavor but whoever that was that was singing in the kitchen made the experience there that much more memorable. That dude had an amazing voice ????! Wow just wow!!! You should definitely go big with it!

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    trigun442 img 4

    This place had an awesome atmosphere. Staff were great. Very cozy and chill ambiance. I ordered the kinoko burger, wasn't that bad. The ginger pickle was a little overpowering and I wish there were more mushrooms. Also it gets dirty eating the burger since there's a lot of stuff. Get your hands ready and a lot of napkins. My wife had the burger with fried egg, I thought that one was better. We also had the jazz fries with all that gravy. It was great. Definitely not some cheap eats but it's not too bad.