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In-N-Out Burger



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    Jakob Z img 5

    Walked in and I was once again reminded why In-N-Out is one of the best places on earth. Got that double double, animal style with fries, and a Neapolitan shake. Absolutely delicious. The service is here wonderful as well. Folks actually care about your experience and are willing to fix any issues that may arise. There is plenty of seating but it does fill up quickly. All in all, I would gladly come back here.

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    Arbër Shehu img 5

    The best burgers in the west coast. Go for the animal style hamburger and French fries and you’ll be happy with it. When you see the In-N-Out sign on the main street, you need to walk straight ahead (the arrow direction) for another 300 feet until see the fountain. There’s always a lot of people but the line moves fast and you’ll get the order within 10 minutes. Another, don’t go for the double because you can’t bite in it. Single ones are much better.

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    Andy S img 5

    Coming from the east coast, always heard good things about In-N-Out Burgers. During a trip to Vegas, figured I'd try them out. While faced with long lines, I was somewhat discouraged but figured there was a reason for the lines. Once on line, I must admit the likes moves rather quickly with several cashiers ready to take your order and move the line along. For $10, I ordered a double cheeseb, fries and drink. The burger was tasty and was served with lettuce, tomato and onion, the fries were good, and you really can't mess up a drink. An added bonus was being in the center of Las Vegas. No doubt, a prime location and a great place to visit if you in the area.

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    Chrystal “Angel” Fisher img 5

    We went here @12:20am and they were packed. We were a little discouraged because the line was so long and there were so many people waiting for food. The staff here are awesome. They were moving so fast and working so hard. We ordered and were heading back to our room in about 15 minutes. When we got to our room at the flamingo the food was hot and so delicious. Thank you to all the hardworking staff. You guys are AMAZING! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Rust Rivera img 4

    Great service for a fast food joint. Chick-fil-A of the burger world. Cheeseburgers and fries were fresh. Cheeseburger reminded me of a Big Mac. Maybe, it’s the sauce. Burger patty needs to be a bit bigger though. Shakes were okay. I still enjoyed my meal. When in the west coast thing I guess. ????????????