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Shake Shack Las Vegas (NYNY)



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    A F img 5

    On NYE my husband and I didn't have a reservation until 10:30 but decided we needed something before our late dinner celebration. After a quick search, he found that Shack Shack was right across the street from the hotel we were staying at (Park MGM), so we decided to walk over to grab some food. This Shake Shack is large, with plenty of seating. The line was LONG, but thankfully it was moving quite fast. Employees were taking orders, moving quickly, and also enforcing mask rules. After ordering our food, we found seating, found sanitizing spray, were able to clean the table and sit. Our number was called much faster than we expected, and we were eating no more than 15 minutes after arriving. I've been to Shack Shack in multiple cities and I must say that this is the freshest and best tasking Shack Shack I've had.

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    HB D img 5

    Revised 3/4/2022 My original review was based on my visit to the Las Vegas strip location. I am revising my review based on the great customer service i received from the Shake Shack team after posting my original reveiw and the absolutely amazing burgers we received by delivery from the Plano, TX location this evening. I have to admit I was very skeptical about trying Shake Shack after my last experience, but I am really glad I did. We received hot, fresh, and tender burgers exactly as we ordered using the app. I will definitely go back. I am struggling to understand why shake shack is the fastest growing burger chain in America. I first tried this chain in New York City in 2013 and I wasn't impressed then. But I decided to give it another try and my opinion hasn't changed. I understand they use Angus beef but they overcook the burger so much it's served with a greasy crunchy texture. Not so friendly staff who expect the customers to know the process of purchasing a burger. Clean the restaurant and the restroom.

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    Andrew Siu img 5

    It was my first time trying Shake Shack and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed as far as the food is concerned. The reason I phrase it like that is because I found the service to be quite slow, and the space to fairly unkempt. That being said, I ordered the typical Shack Burger, fries, and a Cookies and Creme Shake. All in all, I really loved each item. Although the components felt cold in comparison to the warm patty, it was beautifully presented and delicious with the Shack Sauce. The shake also had a delightfully cookie dough-like taste and was hefty with chunks of cookies. The crinkle fries were a pleasant complimentary surprise to the shake as not only were they crisp and delicious, but they were perfect for dipping into the shake without compromising its shape. All in all, I really enjoyed my meal and would love to come back if given the chance!

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    R LEE img 4

    Pretty decent. Not all that and then some. Too much hype. Burger patty is like a smash burger style. But it’s very little. Better get a double. Even if your not hungry. The hot dog taste ok. My son enjoyed it. But prefers Nathan’s. The crinkle fries are nice a crispy. Too much salt though. Nice ambiance. Enough seating. BBQ sauce is pretty good for dipping the chicken nuggets. That was very good. So my overall impression of Shake Shack was 3.5-4 stars. Friendly staff and order is up pretty quick. But the price for $35 for a bite size burger, hot dog, nuggets, 2 fries, and 2 drinks is too much in my opinion. Just get the chicken bites. It’s probably the best tasting item on the menu.

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    Jason B. de Leon img 5

    This place is always busy, but worth the wait. My burger was unique and filling, the view from the outside seating is nice during the time were were there right about lunch time. Many places to snap great photos and memories.