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CaliBombs & Burgers



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    Royalty Enterprise Production img 5

    Damn! This place is definitely the bomb. Well worth the wait time for fresh California style food. The burgers and chicken sandwich are amazing, way better than In N Out. The loaded onion is hot and tasty. The dipping sauce is not enough for the onion size but the taste makes you not worry too much. I'll definitely be back to try the wings and carne fries.

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    Shaylee Pugmire img 5

    Generous portions and delicious food! If you are comparing to fast food chain restaurants, then sure it took some time for our order to be prepared, but it definitely wasn't more than expected considering it is made fresh to order. The drive thru line wasn't too long, but we still chose to walk up to order since there was no line for that at all. I strongly recommend trying their onion bombs! Ours was big enough to share (with a few people) and we still couldn't even finish. I am not a local to this area, but I will go back when I am in the area again.

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    Annie Ramos img 5

    Even though we were missing an item off our order it didn't change the way our experience was. The burgers were delicious. The Sriracha wings were flavorful and the onion bloom was soooo good. They had amazing customer service. Will definitely come back.

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    Bobbi Hursey img 5

    My granddaughter seen a TikToc on this place. We went for her birthday lunch today. It is the BEST burger place around! Everything we ordered was so good! We traveled from Henderson to North Vegas and it was worth it! Would love to see a Cali bomb open in Henderson! We'll be back!

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    Mrs Palmer img 5

    Okay so this place is the Bomb !!!!! I can literally get a blooming onion without going to outback steak house plus they can jack it up times 10 with crazy toppings. I stuck to a classic blooming onion with 2 dipping sauces nacho cheese and ranch awesome. Also there were 2 batter toppings preferences spicy or regular I ovcourse went with the spicy. I also want to add the drive through menu I must admit I pass this place daily and thought I had to stand out front to order today I was surprised to see the drive through window and menu. I have pictures. I also snapped a pic of the receipt because yes this place dose honor military and officers as well as first responders. So a discount is respected. Okay on to the food so I want to start slow and just do the blooming onion I had a bit of sinus congestion and this bad boy cleared it right up ! I can taste the spicy flavor and the 2 sauces complement it perfectly! I can’t wait to review there burgers and wings next visit. This place is a 10 and there price is no crazy so that means more visits more frequently. This is honestly by far one of my tops just on the strength that I cal literally get a blooming onion whenever I want at the drive through. Good job guys!!! Check it out folks!