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The Habit Burger Grill



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    Tips From A Bellman img 3

    This was my second time coming to a Habit Burger Grill . I went to another location about a month ago . I had the Teriyaki Char at the other location and I wasn't that impressed with the burger . This time I got the Chicken Club and I didn't realize it had avocado on it which I know lots of people love , especially the California crowd , but not me . No biggie , I just scraped it off . I liked the toasted sourdough bread and the chicken was fine , but I would have rather had a fried chicken sandwich which they also make , so I will try that one next time . I still have to say , I love the Onion Rings ! I got half fries and half onion rings at the other location , so this time I only got the onion rings . The fries are okay though . The place was clean and the customer service was fine . This location is close to UNLV , so the crowd is definitely different than the other location I went to . College students coming in pajama bottoms and socks with flip flops . Ha ha . I did see one older couple dining in and one business guy . I will give them another try later on and try other items , but I'm just not that impressed with this chain . I know it's supposed to be fresh and all that , but I'm not sold on anything so far except those Onion Rings .

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    Junaid Mukhtar img 5

    Loved the food here. Their onion rings were fantastic, definitely the highlight for me. The classic double cheeseburger was delicious and I enjoyed their strawberry milkshake too. If I visit again, I’ll definitely stop by.

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    Ella Camaro img 5

    Conveniently located close to the airport and the strip. Good food selection. We ordered a burger and Santa Barbara Cobb salad. The restaurant is clean and they have friendly staff. They also have a small station where you can get jalapenos and other peppers to add to your food.

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    Dirk D img 5

    Get the Double Charburger with cheese! That's all you need to know. Get this cause it's what they do the best. Fries are good too, but stay away from the rest of the stuff on the menu, this is a burger place! Get extra grilled onions too, they're free!

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    AD Avenue Group img 5

    Love it. Fresh burgers. The place is clean the staff is very friendly.