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Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers



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    Wayne Parke img 4

    I ordered the double chili cheese burger without a bun. They were a bit confused at first as to how to serve it. But quickly resolved. Food was good. Chili was good. Dining area was clean. Service was acceptably quick. There were very few people in the restaurant. I was here on a Sunday evening. The only negative: No caffeine free diet soda options.

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    Riggs Ramirez img 5

    Best way to get a heart attack, and not from the food. From the excitement and amazing memories from child hood. Best Chili cheese fries and chili burgers the staff was amazing. They really like there jobs.

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    American Girl img 1

    Grabbed 2 California hamburgers and 2 California Cheeseburgers for $3.05 which is a good price for Las Vegas. Service was fast and friendly, the restaurant and bathrooms were clean. The burgers weren’t bad, but they were a little greasy. I’ll come back and try more items next time. Update: I could only eat 1.5 of my 2 burgers and about an hour after I ate I got really sick to my stomach

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    Erick Mendoza img 2

    Raised in Southern CA the chili burger from Tommy’s was a must after our football games. The Burbank or Rampart location were our favorites. They were fresh and hot. This place in Vegas was a let down. But after 20 years things get mediocre.

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    Erin Kriz img 3

    My husband loves Tommy's. It's a nostalgic thing for him. I think it's awful. They have this chili that they put on everything. It's their "thing", but it's really thick and gooey and salty. Definitely not healthy, and not my thing, but I indulge my husband occasionally and sit with him while he eats. This is why I gave it a 3. I, personally, would give it a 0, or actually not even go at all if it were just me.