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In-N-Out Burger



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    Two Chicks Click img 5

    After many years of hearing about this burger joint, I finally decided to experience it for myself. While this stuff can be absolute deliciousness, it's not my general go to and I find myself in this situation once every year or two. However, I was determined to try it on my WSOP trip to Vegas and my oh my, what a wonderful thing :-) First off, the prices are really good. Then, the service was stellar. I said it, stellar! The food was pretty damn great. The burger was juicy, the fries were good and the shake was heavenly. Grateful I don't live in Vegas because I'd be visiting this joint more than once a year or so :-)

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    Janelle Johnson img 5

    Really good burger for the amazing price! I did the protein version - no bun, with lettuce wrap. So good! Staff was super friendly and gave kids stickers too!

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    kaceyvu img 5

    Can’t go wrong with In-N-Out…go with animal style. Five burgers, two fries, and one shake costed about $20. Love the food and price

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    J Tardieu img 4

    Foos was delicious. It was definitely overhyped, but a solid fast food burger place. Better than McDonald's, but on a Wendy's level for meat. Real american cheese is what sets this place apart from the other fast food giants.

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    omnipresent original img 5

    One of my favorite in n outs in Vegas for sure this is 2 cheeseburgers one with no tomatoes extra spread and the other with extra spread extra pickles and extra tomatoes and frie came out to $9.15 and its worth every penny ????