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Miraculous Massage & Facial Spa



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    Patricia Patrick img 5

    We visited this black owned establishment on Friday, September 9, 2022. I called and booked a reservation prior to about two weeks ago for the 90 minute Couple’s massage for $240. The employee on the phone was very nice, professional, and helpful to me. Right after I booked the massage, I received a text message with the date and time as confirmation. Keep in mind, they do ask for a credit card to put on file at the time of reservation. They also have a cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment, you will be charged a partial fee if you are a no-show or you don’t cancel within 24 hours. The day before our massage, I did receive a text confirmation of the date and time as a reminder. This business is located about 15 minutes away from the Strip, but it was well worth the drive. We love to support black owned businesses. Especially in a place like Las Vegas where they can get passed over and overlooked. Once we arrived at the establishment, we were greeted by the front desk employee who was professional and helpful. When we did arrive, we had to fill out a small information form which is on an iPad touchscreen at the desk. I did want to get a facial in addition to our massage. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anyone available to do so. We did request with the receptionist the addition of Back and foot scrubs to our massages. This was an additional $5 each. The establishment itself was clean, inviting, and decorated well. We really enjoyed the relaxing aesthetic in the spa. We did use the restroom, which was clean without incident. Our reservation was for 3 PM and one of the therapists showed up right at that time. We were taken back to the Couples massage room, which was really nice. The massage room was clean, inviting, organized, and very comfortable. We had Yvonne and Sylvia as our massage therapists. They were both professional, nice, and straightforward. One of the therapist brought out the different kinds of body scrubs. We were allowed to choose one body scrub scent of our choice. We both chose the Cinnabon body scrub. It smelled the best out of all of them. We told our therapists the areas we wanted them to work on. I told my therapist I wanted to work on my upper back, shoulders, and lower back. My boyfriend told his therapist he wanted to mainly focus on his neck. The therapists stepped out while we got undressed. Once we undressed, the therapists came back in and began our massages. We were so glad we booked a massage for 90 minutes, so we could really enjoy this experience. My therapist was very thorough and provided the perfect medium pressure that I requested. The body scrub we added to our back and feet was the perfect addition to the massage. It was the perfect amount of exfoliation quite complementing, and soothing to the massage. My boyfriend enjoyed his massage so much, that he ended up falling asleep during the session. That is the type of massage that you want. It should make you feel so good that it puts you to sleep. I also love that the therapists didn’t talk to us during the massage. We like quiet massages where we can just enjoy it. The massage therapist also checked on me throughout the session. She made sure the pressure was OK and informed me to let her know if the hot towels were too hot or not. I do feel it is well worth the drive outside of the Strip to receive quality service. This is one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had. I do feel like my back feels a lot better from before I came in to the establishment. Once the massage ended, our massage therapists informed us it was over. They did allow us to take our time getting dressed, which we did. Once we left the massage room, they wished us well and informed us there was water in the front. We checked out at the front desk and left them both a really nice tip. This massage parlor also has free refreshments for patrons. They have cookies, coffee, peppermints, and water. I would love to return to this establishment next time I’m in Las Vegas. I would highly recommend this massage parlor.

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    Black Reign img 5

    While visiting Las Vegas I decided to get a massage. I wanted to support a black owned business so I did a quick google search and found Miraculous Massage & Facial Spa. I am so happy I took the time to find this Spa, it was a completely enjoyable moment. A quick call to schedule an appointment with the professional and polite gentle at the reception desk and the masseuse was divine. She asked if I had any areas I’d like her to focus on and ensured she was using the proper pressure. Her technique was spot on and I left the Spa feeling so much lighter and relaxed. Thank you to the Miraculous Massage team for making this a wonderful experience.

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    evelyn alvarado img 5

    My first time ever getting a massage. My massage therapist made sure I was relaxed the entire time. She gave me the perfect amount a pressure to make sure I was relaxed but also worked on my tension. Highly recommend. Will definitely be going back. My daughter (14) was my date for today and as her first time her massage therapist made sure she was very comfortable and relaxed.

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    phatman493 img 5

    Miraculous Massage and Yvette were pure magic! She did a marvelous job on my massage. I went right to sleep - her hands were that relaxing. It was perfect pressure between a therapeutic and deep tissue feel that really helped me out. I highly recommend going there! ????

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    Nancy Coco img 5

    The best massage I have had in a long time and my facial was amazing. Very friendly staff and very attentive from the first step through the door .. try them you won't be disappointed