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MR. SUDZ mobile car wash and detail



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    Cliff Jackson img 5

    This is truly the best family team auto detailing company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The best experience of a “come to your home” auto detailing service. Awesome work and price, OH MY GOODNESS, the price was right on. Be careful there are a great number of home detailing companies in the Las Vegas area but none like Mr. Sudz, I highly recommend them.

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    Eileen Rackus img 5

    I would highly recommend this family owned business. They did an amazing job on the full detail of my SUV. I bought this car 5 years ago used and it never looked this good! There were stains in the back seat from the previous owner that look great now. I was so used to the pet hair that had accumulated on the floor mats that I forgot that the mats are black. They look like new! I did have trouble finding my car at the Costco parking lot because I didn't recognize it! I have had my car detailed in the past but not the way Mr Sudz pays attention to detail. And I never had to leave my house! If you want your car looking sparkling new, this is the place to call.

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    Las Vegas Jewelry & Coin img 5

    We are a small company however, we do love to have clean vehicles. Up until this point we had companies that no showed or just stopped communicating. Mr Sudz were easy to converse with and Taylor is a pleasure to speak with. I know in their industry they cannot always make the time they give you but at least they text you and still come. Also their cleaning is phenomenal and far exceeds our expectations. I am happy we finally found a company that cares

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    Ty Saylors img 5

    I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone. Super professional and family owned, you can tell they care about their business and their customers. They give you all the information you need through text, show up right on time, and make your car look spotless. They definitely have me as a costumer for life. Give Mr. Sudz a shot and they won’t disappoint.

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    Jennifer Oliver img 5

    This team was incredible! I have two German shepherds who shed a lot and Mr. Sudz was able to get all of the hair out. I have an electric Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep looks brand new and spotless! Taylor had great communication with me. They are very friendly and personable. I highly recommend Mr. Sudz!!