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Just a touch auto detailing



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    Cabrina Pollex img 5

    HANDS DOWN THE BEST CAR DETAIL! My car looks flawless. Johnnie was so easy to work with and had amazing character. He arrived on time and worked on my car all day. He was so pleasant to talk with. I could tell he is passionate about his work and it shows considering this is the best detail job I have ever experienced. Please do not look further and book an appointment.

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    Ottis Molina img 5

    Johnnie has provided the absolute best customer care experience I’ve ever had by anyone detailing any of my vehicles. He treats you like family and goes above and beyond. All I asked for was an extraction for my two front seats, and a basic wash for the exterior. Johnnie then went ahead an extracted both the front and rear seats just to make sure all seats were clean, then he vacuumed all my dogs hair off the floors, cleaned the dashboard and the area around it, and made sure to leave the exterior spotless, complimentary. Amazing Job.

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    McCracken Media img 5

    I have a 10 year old car that was in desperate need of a deep interior clean. Just a touch detailing did an amazing job. The car looks like it's new. They spent 4 hours cleaning and it was well worth every penny. I highly recommend this service affordable and worthwhile.

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    Svetlana TM img 5

    This company makes my car brand-new!! Johnnie works thoroughly, and he is detail oriented. He is very professional and has a great attitude towards his clients. If you are looking for an auto detailing company, this is very recommendable.

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    kenzie clemmer img 5

    Johnnie was absolutely amazing. Originally scheduled interior and exterior detail but with monsoon season I switched to just interior detail. He made the inside look brand new again. I will definitely be going back to him and get the exterior done when whether permits. My car battery unfortunately died while he was detailing and he was very informative and told me where I should get a new one.