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Ultra Clean Express Car Wash



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    Jennifer Holmes img 4

    Really quick and easy to work out having never been there before. Machine didn't really wash the car that well so took some extra wiping down afterwards (hence 4 stars) but was good overall and the extra facilities offered were working and convenient (self-vac, mat clip and extra clothes). Impressive for somewhere to get your car washed and clean inside in under 15min! Bring it out to the UK please!!!

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    Yajaira Cordova img 5

    Great location, We are from Az and we’re visiting, decided to stop and the employee his name was Chris AMAZING! helped us out he was super nice and did what he had to do to make the moment right. Thank you for having him on your team he’s a great employee!

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    Felipe Opazo img 1

    Drove from FL to Vegas and when I arrived took it to clean the bugs. Paid the top wash ($14.99 which is cheap) that covers the bug prep. Left here the same way I arrived, full of bugs. Guy gave me a rewash but never touch the bugs saying that they don’t do it (no pressure wash or brush to clean it) ????????‍♂️ Had to take my vehicle to a different place to get it done.

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    Alena Smith-Mason img 5

    I like it finally a decent car wash that isn't $30 for a basic wash no frills. And then if you don't tip you feel bad because the guy took 20 mins to dry your car! AND NOW YOU HAVE TO TIP? Because u gotta! But this place is my new car ???? wash heaven working powerful vacuums great job with the washing and the drying because either most of its dry by air or u can get a towel for a minimal amt. Folks mind blowing idea ???? great price, good value, unless the attendant forgets to give you a your towel! ????. Yeah I like it my new go to car wash location.

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    E. Eduard McCoubrey img 1

    I mean, at least I got the free microfiber towel? Pics are after the carwash.