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Ultra Clean Express Car Wash



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    luis garcia img 5

    Great service for a $3 car wash n free vacuum cleans my classic ????

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    Trish O. img 5

    Best Car wash in Vegas, first choice every time. I was just here last week and my Car still looks Amazing, the only down side is that I have to drive across town, wish they were closer to my home. Btw, I Love the Color Scheme of this place, it is Totally on point!

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    Tanya Glass img 1

    They fraudulent took money off my debit card. The clerk came over as I was getting ready to pay for a car wash,she said we're doing a special today . She said the 19.99 monthly car wash is going for 9.99 today. I said okay I'll do that, I gave her cash, she said oh you have to pay with debit, which was odd to me but I said okay , gave her my card she stuck it in the machine ,completed the transaction and gave me a sticker to put on my windshield, I stuck it on and went through the wash. This month on October 2nd I get an alert from my bank that I just purchased a 19.99 car wash. The clerk on September 2nd never said anything about a reoccurring monthly charge, when she sold me the special. You also have to authorize a reoccurring charge. She must've agreed to the reoccurring charge when she completed the transaction for me. I called the car wash on October 2nd just so happen the lady that did the Fraudulent charge answered the phone. She knew exactly what card it was when I called , which was pretty scary that out of all the transaction she knew my card number. This car wash maybe taking money from people and they don't even realize because they don't have a spending alert on . I will never use my card with them again. I also think the clerk is stealing and should be fired. I did get the money refunded but damn they are some crooks

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    Mark Cool img 5

    Tonya greeted me with a smile at 4:40pm even though she mentioned she's been working since 5:30am! Told her keep smiling and loved her positive vibe .

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    Manny Clerigo img 4

    I always get the basic wash because I couldn’t see the difference with the higher package. It cleans the same really. When you use the vacuum, be sure the suction is good, some of it is weak. Still a great car wash. always offer the best deal.