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GO Car Wash



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    DaShon Foster img 1

    Customer Experience was horrible as a member. After cancelling, still charged for monthly service. Local wash employee where purchased stated could not assist, automatically directs you to website, no manager help, nothing. Contacted web care, thought issue was resolved, 30 + days later still awaiting refund for month overcharged. 4 emails later, care team stops responding. Avoid a membership at this org. They much rather take the "L" with a bad review and keep your $34.99. I guess you can't please every customer right? Clever way to recoup your funds given in a promo. If the wash was worth $34.99 I would have kept the membership. Spend your hard earned dollars somewhere else folks.

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    Jennifer Brooklyn img 2

    It's disappointing when you pay for a service that offers what you need yet the job is left uncomplete. I just drove 1800 miles across the country and the amount of dead bugs left on my car is unreal. I am so glad to particular about the cleanliness of my car. I never had to pay to wash my car because I lived in the country. It really reflects since being in Vegas. It's unfortunate that I must now pay to wash my car again. Pros.. customer service was great & the free vacuum. Cons.. I think my car is dirtier than before I took it and the price is not worth the service.

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    Nikalish 1031 img 1

    Employees just spray the car for a second rather than use any brush to wipe the car before you go into the car wash tunnel and didn't even spray the back part of the car. The car wash itself misses so many spots as well compared to other go car washes. The lot is so tiny, so parking after and vacuuming and drying the car off is annoying. Most vacuums do not work well or at all. Do not recommend this car wash at all.

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    carnie vegas img 5

    They have a basic car wash for $8; there is also a “unlimited washes”package for $34, & first month is only $9.99. They have covered vacuum areas and plenty of space. Blowers could be better, but bring a microfiber towel to wipe it down.

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    Veronica Whitehead img 5

    The employees was very helpful and all smiles. I had to get my car washed twice. Crazy story. But they helped me out.