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Bikini Fitness



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    Beth Fitch img 5

    Bikini Fitness is changing my life! In just 3 weeks I’m down 8 lbs and feel great! I had the best workout at the studio and I’m looking forward to my next! The team as well as all the members are so supportive and really do make it a fun and comfortable experience. The meal plan I have been following has help my digestive system and fills me up with energy! If you are looking to make a positive change, this is definitely the place!

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    Savannah Clements img 5

    I suffer from really bad social anxiety in a traditional gym never really worked for me. I’m very much overweight and never really knew how to be healthy or have a routine for myself. Not to mention I would be so nervous that I was doing the exercises wrong and had no idea how to correct myself and assumed everyone was watching so I just ended up never going. In a traditional gym I didn’t ever have the motivation to go nor the know how to really push my body the way I needed to. But that’s not a problem at bikini. Everyone is extremely kind and it’s worth every penny I was initially hesitant to make that kind of investment monthly but it’s so much more than a workout class a couple times a week it’s an entire community of people who care and check on you. Its having access to ask questions about anything under the sun nutrition or workout wise. And most importantly is having a safe all female environment dedicated on bettering your body and your mindset without having to be worried that you’re being judged because everyone there cares about your success as much as you do.

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    vanessa liska img 5

    I have been training there for more than 4 months, and I love the place so much. Always challenging me all the teachers are the best. There are many options for choosing a class everyday, and I really enjoy going there.

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    Kelly Kelz img 5

    Best experience I have had with a gym/personal training and personalized meal plan. I've been coming to Bikini Fitness for almost a year now. I feel nothing but confident and comfortable when working out here. Everything about working out used to scare me due to injuries and not wanting to look like a fool lifting or doing a workout incorrectly but Aviva and the rest of the trainers just make you feel so comfortable while also providing killer workouts! They are truly there to help you reach your goals and continue pushing you to be the best version of yourself. This place is not just a gym, it has become a home away from home. Very grateful to be a part of the Bikini Fitness family!

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    Dilcia Abreu img 5

    I’ve tried every single gym and diet possible and nothing has work long term. I finally decided to try Bikini Fitness and it has changed my life completely. I’ve lost over 40lbs and I feel great. I eat delicious meals and I don’t have the urge to binge eat any junk food. As soon as I joined they treated me like family, we share recipes and we have a great support system with clients and coaches. The owner Kim and the trainers are awesome. They will create a meal plan for each person individually, it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing. They are all invested in each client and push you to your limits when working out.