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Tread Vegas Fitness



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    Jordyn Givens img 5

    10/10 recommend trying Tread Vegas. The workouts are different every single day, you never know what the workout is going in, but you always know you’re going to walk out feeling accomplished. All the coaches are great. It’s nice to get in a routine and go at the same time everyday. I typically go to the evening class with Coach Leo. 10/10 recommend taking a class with him. He has great vibes and is always pushing you to get better. I’ve tried other HIIT style classes before, and I will say, Tread Vegas is more intense than any of the others I’ve tried.

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    N Dz img 5

    I’ve been taking these group classes for 6 months with Coach Leo. What I like the most about his coaching is how he really cares about each student and gives individual attention and motivation. He encourages each individual to achieve their potential and progress at their own pace, but there’s never a feeling of competition. I feel like I’m improving in every session I attend his class. My upper body strength has noticeably improved along with my leg strength, and I’m even developing abs! Leo’s emphasis on proper form as well as proper breathing have helped improved my endurance. When I first started I could only do half of the routines on the board and now I can complete them including the running! I like how he modifies the exercises if needed. The classes are never the same, which keeps it interesting. The best part about these classes is when it’s over I feel like I’ve really made progress not only physically but mentally.

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    Raymond Win img 5

    Wow wow. The owner and the instructor (Chloe) was amazing. I showed up for a drop in class (casino gyms aren’t open till 7am) and experienced one of the best workouts! Chloe was full of energy and kept up the tone with her encouragement through out the class. The programming was well thought out and kept it fresh. You’ve got a regular now! Let’s support this!

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    Kenny Garcia img 5

    I came here for a trial period and loved it. I was accustomed to classes like this (F45, fit body boot camp, etc) and this was hands down my favorite. The running aspect was great and never too much to handle. Just enough to increase stamina and push yourself a little. Time flew by which never happens with these classes. The exercises attached were also great and focused on mostly one body part a day which I appreciated. You will be sore and it will be worth it! Great trainers and people that just want to see you succeeed. Most people that were doing this class for awhile were in the best shape, like ever. Huge happy endorphins every time I left. I had a sudden work location change and had to leave Vegas or this would be a weekly pleasure. And god knows I’ve never said that about exercise.

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    Desiree Diliberti img 5

    I joined this gym to improve my endurance and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. With a combination of cardio & lifting, it’s an intense 45 minutes workout that leaves me feeling accomplished. Coach Leo is awesome and always pushes me. He plays great music and keeps everyone motivated. I’m so glad I joined!