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Smash Iron Fitness



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    Gunge Dawg img 5

    Finding this Gym (and Carlo, a Trainer and part-owner) late in 2021 undoubtedly changed my life. I know no other Gym in Vegas that caters to the strongmen, powerlifters, and powerbuilders of either gender and from all walks of life. Even if you're just starting your fitness journey, the Trainers at this gym are highly varied and highly skilled. Here at Smash, you can be YOU, and train according to your style. The men and women here show serious commitment and encourage and celebrate each other. Upon first look, the gym and patrons may look intimidating, but anyone who steps foot (bare or otherwise) in this gym quickly gain the respect of everyone else in the gym. If you're here, whether beginner or well-seasoned, then you're SERIOUS about your fitness Path, and that kind of commitment makes you FAMILY. If you crave the more unconventional, the more unorthodox, the more powerful, all at an incredibly affordable price, then stop by and see for yourself.

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    Jessica Wehrman img 5

    I love going to this gym. I started coming here after covid to get trained by Connery. (It was hard for me to get back in a normal schedule of the gym again.) Connery has slowly put me back on a normal workout schedule! He’s very hands on, so you would be training the whole time 1 on 1. (I love how he doesn’t walk away and really teaches me through each motion!) He pushes me to do better for myself and helps guide me through nutrition also! I would definitely recommend Connery to anyone.

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    Maximilian Tora img 5

    Great place to build muscles! Owners are super nice and the in-house smoothie bar has great healthy food.

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    Fender Galindo img 5

    I've been going to this place for about a month now and I love it! First off, I Love the space. It's got a great aesthetic and its never too crowded. Even if it is, it's comfortable crowded. The people there are all in it to win it and very friendly. The staff is super chill as well and they always say hello when you walk in or walk by. There's also a smoothie bar in there with coffee and other items that I think is pretty convenient. Overall what has made my experience there is my trainer Connery! He knows how to approach you and he's always very engaged right there with me in what I'm doing. He's very good at understanding what I want and does a great job at targeting whats necessary as well. It's always nice to have a good trainer who can do that! Thank you, Con-man!

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    Hector Rivera img 5

    I went in to smash in hopes of getting in shape, and I’ll admit at first I was intimidated by the bigger / stronger guys and girls who warm up with my one rep max haha! However, after training with Connery I quickly realized this place was the exact opposite. Some super funny people that are some of the nicest I’ve ever met in my life they genuinely care. Connery has a phenomenal way of training his clients from nutrition, technique, and programing that is down to a science. Also helps he’s got a positive attitude with the clients best interest in mind. His “you could have done one more” voice play in my head sometimes helping me crank out that next rep (esp on the Bulgarian split squat) . I’m extremely satisfied with the results that I’ve been able to achieve in the past few months. Making me ecstatic for what’s to come in one year. Working with Connery has been one of the best decisions of my life! Walked in looking to get fit walked out with a different out look on life. Than you to the smash family & thanks Connery!