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Warrior Fitness Center



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    Adam Ryba img 5

    Pretty sweet AF gym. The peloton bikes are a nice touch

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    Chris Timberlake img 3

    Very nice gym with nice equipment and very spacious. I don’t think I’ve seen any other gym that has so many people on their phone at one time generally while they are occupying the equipment that’s in the gym. The clientele seems to be unaware of other people wanting to use the equipment they are occupying. I can compare the USE of the equipment similar to a sofa.

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    Nu Hytes with Jackie img 5

    This place is always clean and I love the atmosphere. Me being a veteran I get the opportunity to be around other veterans exercising and trying to control my weight. They have a swimming pool so two story building is really large it's safe and very comfortable.

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    EndlesRidge img 5

    Absolutely fantastic gym! It has all the necessities of a gym you could ever want. On the first floor there is an indoor pool along with a variety of machine/free weight equipment for every part of the body. Fortunately there is plenty of open space available so if you'd like to lock down your own spot for anything it wouldn't be an issue. My favorite equipment is the hex bar and the weighted sled (with turf)! A basketball court that is rarely completely occupied is present as well. The second floor contains an indoor track (8 laps is a mile) and tons of cardio machine equipment to choose from. There is also an open large room with mirrors that contains tons of yoga mats, foam rollers and other foam stuff that I didnt even know existed. So long as no class is in session, it's free for anyone to use.

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    David Crow img 4

    Lots of equipment, which is nice. Gym gets pretty busy weekday afternoons, but that’s expected Hand dryers don’t often function, and the bathrooms don’t have paper towels. The corners, etc. could really use a cleaning