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    akai hall img 5

    Let me first say Ghana was amazing. I have to say this trip far exceeded my expectations. It was very affordable and worth every dime. Jetblacktravel is did and awesome job at putting together a wonderful experience. The food was amazing, the other travelers were amazing, Alex was amazing. I feel like I met an extended family.

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    Krsnavati Fair img 5

    JetBlack Travel did an excellent job with their trip to Medellin , Colombia ! They plan everything so all you need to do is come with the vibes. I enjoyed meeting new people, sight seeing and connecting with the Afro-Colombians and learning more about their unique culture within Colombia. If you enjoy traveling like myself you won’t be disappointed . I’ll definitely be back for another trip!

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    Portia Glover img 5

    To celebrate my birthday I joined Jet Black in Dakar, Senegal. The trip was everything I could have asked for and more. The Jet Black team was patient and professional during the entire process. They were easy to communicate with and promptly addressed any questions and concerns. The resort was 5 star, the activities were amazing and the other travelers in my group were the best! This was my second trip with Jet Black and I am looking forward to the next one!

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    Michelle O img 5

    Columbia was my first Jetblack trip and I had a great time! I’d been looking for a professional, fun, minority focused travel group for a while and I found it in Jetblack! The itinerary was jam packed with fun, wild, and educational activities but there were still moments to relax in between. The hosts were amazing, always ready to help and curated such a great Medellin experience. Whether you are traveling solo or with your friends, definitely go on a Jetblack trip! You won’t regret it, you’ll get to travel to a great destination and most likely end up making great connections and friendships in the process.. that’s win-win. Looking forward to my next trip with Jetblack Travel!

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    Dane Fearon img 5

    This was my first time booking a travel group trip. I did so because it’s hard to coordinate trips with my friends, but I did not want to travel by myself. I chose Medellín Colombia because the trip was 5 days. Long enough to enjoy. Short enough that I could get through it if I was not enjoying it. I was nervous because I’m not always a fan of crowds and a group of 20 seemed like a lot. But everyone was kind and I made some good friends. The events were well planned out. It’s clear that Alex, Yale, and Drea are passionate about what they do. They booked a balanced combination of exciting activities. A boat tour and fancy restaurants if you want to feel fancy. A hike 500+ steps up La Piedra if you prefer to be active. And multiple opportunities to meet, dine with, and learn from native Colombians about their history, neighborhoods, and culture. You’re not bound to the itinerary, so if you want to take some time to explore on your own, or stay in and recover from the previous night, you can. I enjoyed my time and do plan to go on other trips in the future.